ClimaFoam XPS Board Insulation

ClimaFoam Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) is a high performance, water resistant and lightweight board of thermal insulation recommended for use under concrete slabs, green roofs, edge beams, concrete external walls and cool rooms.

Product detail

ClimaFoam XPS Board is ideal for applications in the construction industry as it is equipped for 'site survival' and can be cut to shapes that make it extremely fit for use. It also means that ClimaFoam XPS Board is ideal for a vast range of fabrication applications where the strength of the material as an infill in panels etc. is widely recognised and valued.


The mechanical strength of the product means that a building element or fabricated item using ClimaFoam XPS Board can withstand a wide range of loading situations. Whether subjected to standard domestic loads or heavy industrial loads, in floors, roofs or in panels, ClimaFoam XPS Board is an ideal solution.

Water Resistant

Many insulants will get wet in use or during installation. ClimaFoam XPS Board is almost 100% closed cell not adversely affected by moisture. Whether laying ClimaFoam XPS Board in a floor (where there is often standing water) or in a protected membrane roof system (where the insulation is exposed to water) the user can be confident ClimaFoam XPS Board will perform.

For construction use in

  • on slab
  • under-slab
  • at slab edges
  • on concrete roofs
  • EcoSlab®

    Engineered slab edge insulation for New Zealand homes: FIND OUT MORE

    Other uses for ClimaFoam XPS

  • Slab edge insulation for Home Star rated dwellings
  • Cold store floor, wall and roof insulation
  • Foundation wall insulation
  • Under concrete slab insulation
  • Concrete slab on ground insulation
  • Hydronic floor heating insulation
  • Paving insulation
  • Roof garden insulation
  • Timber decking insulation
  • Use in modelling and craft projects, stable foam for cutting and shaping. Smaller sheets sizes avaiable